In 135 words


Ex army-soldier, police-detective, grocery-store cashier and food service worker that eventually became an  Americana-comedy, trop-rock-country, folk-rap, mainstream-music, protest singer. Successfully penned songs that gained national attention on the topics of Vietti Chili, Jimmy Buffett and NASCAR (in that order.) Former owner-operator  of a plain white van with a microwave. Won several national song contests utilizing 50 percent songwriting skill and 50 percent luck. Well versed B.S artist and thumb wrestler with a penchant for exaggeration. A skilled culinary expert with beanie-weenies and ramen noodles. Has shared the stage with numerous nationally known recording artists, has been kicked off the stage at numerous locally owned karaoke establishments. Is currently trying to achieve official troubadour status by traveling the country in his spare time, delivering hilarious and heartfelt performances to those who venture out to a show.