Not your average Americana-Comedy, Trop-Rock-Country, Folk-Rap, Mainstream-Music Protest Singer…

“I was getting ready to play a gig one time and somebody asked me what kind of singer I was,  so I sang a folk song about trains and turned it into a rap song about Justin Bieber. Then I told em I was a country singer. I hope I answered their question.” ~ Matt Hoggatt

Matt Hoggatt’s Biography (almost)

Ex Army Soldier, Police Officer, grocery store cashier and food service worker. An aspiring songwriter that became an amateur songwriter, a working songwriter, a starving songwriter and finally, a semi-content but increasingly-hopeful songwriter. Successfully penned songs that gained national attention on the topics of Canned Chili, Jimmy Buffett and NASCAR (in that order.) Owner/operator and occasional resident of a plain white van, commonly referred to as a “creep van” full of musician gear and 1 large sleeping bag. Won several song contests based on 50 percent songwriting skill and 50 percent luck. Well versed BS artist and folk singer with a penchant for exaggeration. A skilled culinary expert with beanie-weenies and ramen noodles. Has shared the stage with numerous nationally known recording artists, has been kicked off the stage at numerous locally owned karaoke bars.


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